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Tales of a Misplaced Southern Boy

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Born in Memphis, Tennessee when Elvis still lived there. As a child we moved around quite a bit. A few years in Pensacola, Florida, then on to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (right ouside of Tulsa) for two and half years. Next came Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At least I was able to attend high school all in one place.

I went back south for college, Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. I loved my time there. I was a frat boy, got a B.A. in Theater, and made a lot of good friends.

After college I went off to work in Dallas and then San Antonio, Texas. It can be scarey moving to a part of the country where you know absolutely no one. After Texas, I moved back to Memphis for awhile. That's where I met my partner, and we began our time together moving around. First came Michigan and then Boston, Massachusetts. I ended up going back to school and getting a B.S. in Interior Design. After that, it was back south to Nashville, Tennessee for about eight years. Next came Toledo, Ohio, and now we find ourselves in Balla Cynwyd, Pennsylvania (just across the street from Philladelphia).

What next?

The answer: is back to Boston.

As of October 2008 we moved back to the Boston area. I can't wait to see what life is like after being away from the city for almost 15 years.